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Just A Bit About Norcross Georgia

A Bit About Norcross GA

Norcross is Gwinnett County's second oldest city and has played many roles in local history and development. Georgia's first rail tracks were laid in the mid-1830's, and during the years of post-Civil War Reconstruction, rail expansion led to town expansion. In 1869, Atlanta entrepreneur J.J. Thrasher purchased 250 acres around the first stop north along the proposed Richmond Danville lines, and a year later, the area was incorporated.

Four settlements, Pinckneyville, Flint Hill, Beaver Ruin, and Mechanicsville, fed into the new town of Norcross, established by Jonathan Thrasher, a railroad man, who named the new town for his good friend, Jonathan Norcross, a business associate and the fourth mayor of Atlanta. Just twenty miles north of Atlanta, the City of Norcross, incorporated on October 26, 1870, was a popular business center attracting farmers to the mills as well as a resort town to which Atlanta's elite escaped the dust of the big city.

Today, Norcross has the distinction of being the only location in Gwinnett County to have a district listed in the U.S. Register of Historic Places. In 1987, to enhance the historic district, the city council dedicated about $250,000 to the renovation of the downtown area. Turn-of-the-century street lighting now welcomes visitors and residents alike to beautiful tree-lined streets and brick sidewalks throughout the downtown area.

Incorporated Date: October 26, 1870
Population: 9,116
Total Area: 4.2 sq miles

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